About HCM

Holy Cow Media Ltd is a New Zealand based company with global aspirations. It was established by Dr Sapna Samant in 2006 as a response to lack of space in mainstream media for stories that fall through the cracks; stories that seem to defy definitions and parameters set by ratings, ideas of commercial success and populist notions of identity and existence.


Kaupapa is a word in Te Reo Maori that encompasses aims, ambitions, philosophy, the emotions and vision. Our kaupapa is:
To tell cutting edge stories of global diaspora and exiles; to create transnational, polycultural expressions across all digital media platforms in short and long form via audio and video. With a vision to be a boutique storytelling production house that:
1. Conveys stories which fall through the cracks via features, documentaries, shorts, radio shows, podcasts, webisodes and other formats.
2. Does social marketing aimed at diaspora minorities.
3. Empower diaspora youth through capacity building in creativity and media.

About Dr. Sapna Samant


Sapna moved from Mumbai, India to New Zealand in December 2001. She worked as doctor in India but decided to explore other aspects of her brain and did a Masters in film, television and media studies from the University Of Auckland. She worked as a freelance producer with Radio New Zealand from 2002 to 2009. She was nominated for the Best New Broadcaster at the New Zealand Radio Awards in 2006.

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What We Do

  • To tell irreverent, edgy and entertaining cross, inter, trans and polycultural stories that are hard to tell in mainstream media.
  • To offer creative and cultural consultancy.
  • Media advocacy and social marketing of health-related issues.
  • Education and Mentoring around independent, tangential thinking in the creative industries.

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